The Cranleigh Angling Society Constitution 

The Constitution, April 2022 Version 6 (superseding version 5 of April 2019)

  1. The Society shall be called "THE CRANLEIGH ANGLING SOCIETY".

  2. Full membership will be open to all persons over the age of 16 years.
    Junior membership is available to persons under 16 on the 1st June of that year but be over 12 years of age. However children 12 may fish when accompanied by a parent or guardian where the under 12 is included within a family membership.


  3. The objects of the Society are the provision of angling and other facilities to its members.

  4. The affairs of the Society shall be under the control of the committee which shall consist of: The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer and not less than 3 other Committee members, but no more than 9 others and must be no more than 12 members in total. These are elected by the ordinary members of the Society at each Annual General Meeting. The committee shall have the power to do such things as may be desirable or necessary for carrying out objects of the society and regulating its affairs and in particular have the following powers:

    4.1 - To make, revoke and vary from time to time regulations for the use of the Fishery and generally for the conducting the fisheries and other waters for the benefit of the members.

    4.2 - To impose penalties on members who commit any breach of the society's regulations.

    4.3 - To accept new members and even exclude persons from membership.

    4.4 - To make regulations for junior members.


  5. Any member of the Committee who does not regularly attend meetings of the Committee may be asked by the Committee to resign and the Committee shall have power to fill vacant seats on the Committee and appoint additional members to act until the next Annual General Meeting. At each Annual General Meeting the whole of the membership of the Committee shall be deemed to have resigned but members will be eligible for re-election. Six members present at any meeting of the Committee shall form a quorum.

  6. If a member of the Committee is deemed to be offensive to other members over and above the normal tone of discussions, the chairman may ask that member to retire from the room where the meeting is held so that Committee may discuss steps to be taken. Members may then be suspended from one or more meetings up until the next AGM, at which point the member may wish to stand again although newly elected Committee may veto the election process. For suspension to be valid not less than 80% of the committee present may vote against the member for suspension to be valid.

  7. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year. A convenient date will be fixed by the Committee and at least 14 days notice shall be given to all members. At the Annual General Meeting the officers of the Club shall be elected and also the members of the Committee. Vote shall be by show of hands but a poll may be demanded by any four persons present. One quarter of the membership present shall constitute a quorum and the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

  8. Entrance fees (if any) and annual subscriptions payable by members shall be recommended by the Committee to the members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting and shall be voted on by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Each member who has paid subscriptions for the year will be entitled to be present and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  9. The Chairman, or in his absence, some person chosen by the Committee, shall preside at the Annual General Meeting and at all meetings of the Committee.

  10. The Committee may at any time summon an Extraordinary General Meeting of members to consider any matter arising about the affairs of the Society of which the Committee may consider necessary to be dealt with by a special meeting of the members of the Society.

  11. The Committee may allow such persons under the age of 16 as they think fit, to be junior members of the Club and the subscription and powers and rights of junior members shall be laid down in regulations made from time to time by the Committee.

  12. The Committee shall from time to time nominate Trustees of the Club's property who shall be confirmed in office at the Annual General Meeting. Such Trustees shall act until they retire or are replaced by the Committee and all land and other permanent property of the Society shall be held by the Trustees.  The power to appoint new Trustees shall be vested in the Committee.

  13. The Treasurer shall prepare and keep the accounts of the Society and shall make a report to the Annual General Meeting at each year. The members present at the A.G.M. shall vote by a show of hands to confirm that the accounts of the society are approved.

  14. If any of the Officers of the Society should become incapable of acting or should resign or die, the Committee shall have power to appoint substitutes to act until the next Annual General Meeting.

  15. The committee shall have the power to reprimand or expel a member/s for the breach of rules or regulations made by the committee or for any other good and sufficient reason. The member/s have 14 days from receipt of the decision of the committee to lodge an appeal for any mitigating circumstances to take in consideration on the decision of the committee. The committee shall review circumstances at the earliest opportunity and inform the member/s of their decision. The decision of the committee shall be final.

  16. These rules shall be capable of alteration or additions by resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of the members present at any Annual General Meeting. Alterations or additions to the rules shall only be put before an Annual General Meeting after consideration and approval by the Committee.

  17. Any member who has served for three consecutive years on the Committee shall be eligible for a 'Complimentary Membership', for the duration of their term, as an active Committee member.

  18. The club may at any time be dissolved by the consent of three quarters of the members (excluding Junior members) testifying by their signature to an Instrument of Dissolution of a duly passed resolution of three quarters of the members at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, of which no less than two months notice in writing shall be given to all members. The dissolution shall only take effect if and when the resolution is ratified at a second meeting of the members of the Society, such meeting being held not less than 14 days after the previous meeting.