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Guest & Exchange Permits

Updated: Jun 21

Guest Day Tickets

Adult members of the Society are able to bring up to two guests with them when fishing the Fisheries (Guest permits are NOT available for Grafham School, nor can Junior members take Guests).

The current costs are £10 for each Adult guest and £5 for junior guests.

Guest permits will only be issued on production of a current membership and minimum 24hrs notice before you want to fish. Please contact either the Head Bailiff , Doug Burtenshaw or the Chairman, Derek Buxton to obtain such permits.

Should the guest decide to become a full member of the Society, the full membership will be reduced by the cost of the guest ticket, providing the application to become a member is received within 14 days after the issuing of the Guest permit.

Exchange Tickets

The Society hold Exchange Day Tickets for the following fishing clubs/Societies:

  • Horsham & District Angling Association

  • Guildford Angling Society

  • Petersfield & District Angling Club

  • Haslemere Angling Society

Any CAS member wishing to make use of such tickets needs to contact the CAS Chairman, Derek Buxton. Please ensure that in addition to the Exchange Ticket, you also have to hand your CAS Permit, when visiting the other club waters and that you acquaint yourself with the other clubs rules and regulations and adhere to them at all times when visiting their waters.

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