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  • Booking in update

    Hello Members, At the fisheries you will no longer need to book-in with our Head Bailiff - Doug Burtenshaw to fish, but please still socially distance from other anglers & use disposable gloves & sanitisers for opening & closing of access gates. At Grafham Grange you will still have to book-in & out as before with our Chairman- Derek Buxton on 01483 271240. Please also socially distance from other anglers or residents, and also use disposable gloves & sanitisers for opening and closing of car park gate. Do not forget to book- out when leaving - this will allow other anglers to fish after you if the lake is fully booked. If you have covid symptoms or one of your family/resident has symptoms please stay home. I hope this update find you well & will update any further changes as time goes on. Kind Regards, Cranleigh Angling Society Committee.

  • The New Website is LIVE!

    Welcome to the new and shiny CAS website, it's good to see you. We're still having a few setup delays with certificates and misc items which may cause web 'waters' to be choppy for 24–48 hours whilst google and the servers get a good look into the new website, so if you've made it here, congrats! In the meantime if you do stumble across a problem page or something that doesn't look right, it'd be a huge help to comment below here on where and how you're having issues, alternatively you can email Thank you all for your patience. The Admin.

  • Chairman's Address 2021

    On behalf of your Committee members and myself; thank you for your continued support during these very difficult times. As we have not been able to have an A.G.M. for the second year, I would ask you for a minute of your time to send a text message, with your name and permit number to our Vice Chairman, Kevin Hedger on 07841 667763. This would be your acknowledgement that you agree that the current Committee members should remain in their positions on your Committee, until such times as we can have an A.G.M. Our thanks again and we hope that you will continue to enjoy your fishing with The Cranleigh AnglingSociety and that you all stay safe and well. Derek Buxton - Chairman and on behalf of all Committee Members.

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